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Connect Batch to mParticle

Gather all your user data in a single platform and redirect it to your Mobile CRM.

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What is mParticle?

mParticle is the leading customer data platform based on artificial intelligence that allows you to "play" with your data in real time:

  • Collect and unify

  • Segment

  • Transform & enhance

  • Connect

In just a few clicks, you can connect your customer data to leading marketing, analytics and data warehousing solutions.

Marketers from companies like Venmo, NBCUniversal, Spotify and Airbnb use mParticle to integrate and orchestrate their entire marketing stack. This allows them to succeed at key moments in the customer journey.

Why should you connect mParticle and Batch?

Leverage your user data and mParticle audiences for segmentation and targeting of your push and in-app notification campaigns.

With this integration, all your customer data and insights can be directly leveraged for your user engagement strategy to create comprehensive multichannel journeys.

Redirect your unified user data to your mobile CRM

mParticle offers the possibility of collecting user data from various environments (web, mobile, TV, Alexa etc.), and you can use this data in Batch for segmentation or message customisation purposes. With this connector, mParticle's unified user data will be available in Batch.

Leverage mParticle segmentation in Batch

mParticle's audience allows you to segment your user base with your unified user data. Our partnership also allows you to send these audiences to Batch as Custom Audiences directly available in your push notification and In-App campaign targeting engines.

Batch and mParticle: dedicated support

Special Batch follow-up

A Solutions Engineer is there to support you for the whole integration process.

Support via call, email and live chat

Business & technical workshops, ad hoc or recurrent, via video call or in person.

You are now ready to install mParticle.