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The partnership between Batch and imagino has a unique goal: to empower companies to send their customers high quality and personalized messages across mobile and web channels, instantly, at any time, using the most recent and relevant customer data.

First, imagino collects customer data from the company’s various systems (website, databases, ERP, cash register, marketing campaigns, etc.), reconciles, and enriches it in real-time to obtain a Single Customer View, constantly updated.

Then, it gives access to marketing professionals to this structured information via a simple interface allowing the broadcasting of messages to the appropriate channels. imagino transmits the information to the Batch engagement platform, which will send the right message to the consumer at the right time and in the most suitable format via its web and mobile multichannel activation platform.

Together, Batch and imagino cover all the customer journey paths through which the brand can and must communicate to engage its customers and prospects.