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Measure the metrics of your campaigns and make relevant decisions in your CRM strategy.

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What is Eulerian? 

Eulerian is a French software publisher in the martech/adtech environment. Its Augmented Analytics Platform enables digital marketing, traffic & acquisition, e-commerce and business intelligence teams to optimize their media investments and identify new business opportunities. 

Its real-time technology, based on premium data collection, unifies customer journeys by reconciling all marketing interactions of a user with a brand. The platform combines attribution, analysis and activation modules. It also integrates artificial intelligence to accelerate its users' decision making. 

It's an all-in-one marketing solution that allows you to leverage the full potential of your data and make the best marketing decisions!

Why should you connect to Eulerian? 

Eulerian users have access to a powerful segmentation engine to create audiences and cohorts with the data of their choice. They leverage these audiences in their daily and strategic analyses. 

  • Enrich your mobile CRM 

Enhance your mobile CRM segmentation with your Eulerian data. 

  • Activate your Eulerian audiences for push campaigns

Import your audience segments into Batch in real time to enhance the targeting of your push marketing campaigns.