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What is DinMo?

DinMo is a Data-led Growth Platform designed to empowers business teams by seamlessly integrating customer data from any warehouse into sales, marketing, and customer success tools without requiring engineering effort.

The DinMo value

DinMo is a groundbreaking brand that aims to empower businesses with accessible data. With a team of 10 passionate individuals, DinMo is diligently working to build the first Data-Led Growth platform. Their journey started in June 2022, with a mission to make data available to everyone. They initially developed a tool that transforms customer touchpoints into valuable audiences, seamlessly connected across various marketing platforms. However, their ambition didn't stop there.

They wanted to offer a comprehensive solution, covering every aspect of the marketing journey, from data collection and segmentation to audience activation and performance measurement.

At DinMo, they are on a mission to democratize data access and usability for business users. Their platform enables marketers to make informed decisions using customer data, from acquisition to retention. They believe that every employee should have access to and be able to utilize their company's data to achieve their goals. DinMo fosters a culture of inclusivity and continuous learning, with a diverse team that brings different perspectives to the table.

Why should you connect with DinMo?

Sending DinMo attributes to Batch :

Find your DinMo attributes within your Batch campaigns, to use them in your targeting or to personalize your message.