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Connect Batch to Adobe Campaign

Add push notification, the most engaging mobile channel into your large-scale marketing automation.

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What is Adobe Campaign?

Adobe Campaign is a Digital Marketing solution that will allow you to optimize your customer journeys by creating highly customized campaigns. Create unique customer experiences for maximum engagement!

Customer journeys are often complex, but this is a game changer. With Adobe Campaign Marketing (formerly Neolane), you can leverage the wealth of customer data to create, coordinate, and deploy dynamic campaigns across all channels: email, mobile, off-line, etc.

Customers are more important than channels. Implement marketing automation campaigns that make sense to customers, wherever and whenever they want, with Adobe's comprehensive marketing automation platform.

Adobe Campaign provides a platform for multichannel customer experience design and provides an environment to organize visual campaigns, real-time interaction management, and multichannel execution.

The Strengths of the Adobe Campaign solution 

  • Very powerful email marketing module

  • Highly customisable solution

  • Unified customer journey management

  • Omnichannel automation

Why connect Adobe Campaign crm with Batch?

The advantages of connecting with Batch

  • Advanced mobile push management

  • Advanced In-App message management

  • Advanced web push management

  • Support for high-traffic apps & sites

  • SDKs cross platform (web & mobile)

  • Dedicated marketing support

Integrating Batch engagement channels into your customer journeys

With Adobe Campaign connector, optimize the targeting, categorization, content and timing of your campaigns. Campaign management becomes a child's play. You can customize your app's homepage messages to the notifications users receive at every stage of the customer journey.

For example, you can add Batch push notifications and In-App campaigns to your Adobe Campaign automation scenarios.

Ensure the success of your CRM strategy on Adobe Campaign Classic by leveraging all available options to create complete multichannel campaigns. Whether it's real-time or one-shot delivery campaigns, this connector meets all your customer engagement needs. 

Use cases: how to use Batch and Adobe Campaign?

  • Omnichannel integration:  Keep your workflows with Batch's native integration into your ACC workflows.

  1. Customize your campaigns
    Customize the content of your notifications (e.g. title, description, links, etc.) with data already collected in Adobe Campaign Classic or Batch-specific data.

  2. Display In-App messages
    In-App is an asynchronous channel, triggered at a different time for each user, based on actions made in the app. These messages must be programmed on the Batch dashboard. ACC only integrates synchronous channels into its workflows. These are channels that can instantly alert a contact (e.g. emails, sms, push notifications).

  3. Manage cart abandonment: 

  • Omnichannel scenario: from the connector, trigger a push notification in an existing Adobe scenario or

  • Mobile scenario: from the Batch dashboard, schedule a reminder if a shopping cart is not confirmed within a customized deadline.


“Batch allows us to connect with a lot of partners, and set up our Adobe connector, which is especially useful for our customized Trigger Campaigns. For our “order anniversary” campaigns, our Batch-Adobe connector allows us to have both the relational and re-engagement side with our customers” Manon PARMENTIER, CRM Manager at Sarenza.

Discover the use case

Leverage data from Adobe Audiences with Batch 

Adobe Campaign allows you to exchange and share audiences/segments with other Adobe experience cloud applications. By integrating Adobe Campaign with Batch, you can:

  •  Keep your cross-channel campaigns on the Batch dashboard with Adobe segmentation

  • Transfer audiences created on your Adobe software to Batch as Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences are available as segmentation criteria in your Batch targeting engine.

  •  Leverage opt-in data and user push reports in Adobe Campaign. Batch will pass on the user's opt-in attribute to Adobe Campaign for accessibility purposes. Notification response data will also be available in Adobe Campaign Journeys for your campaign automation needs.

Dedicated support

Special Batch follow-up

A Solutions Engineer is there to support you for the whole integration process.

Doubled by our integrator

We use a specialized integrator, Waisso, which has obtained the Adobe Solution Partner Specialization stamp of approval.

Support via call, email and live chat

Business & technical workshops, ad hoc or recurrent, via video call or in person.

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