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Batch is a next-generation Customer Engagement Platform.

We help modern marketers generate an average 600% ROI, create formidable communication experiences at scale while tackling the technical challenges of a Mobile-First world and work more freely on a daily basis.

Our platform lets our client do 3 things really well:

Create a comprehensive and real-time end-user customer view. Our data model works well with online or offline, web or mobile, real-time or async, logged-in or token-based end-user data. Most of that data flows to our back-end through our modern SDKs or APIs, but can also come from any type of modern CDP.

Communicate. Create limitless engagement journeys and workflows using our advanced engagement platform and communication channels.

Understand. Listen to their user bases and analyse the results of their engagement campaigns.

Batch was founded in 2015 by Antoine Guénard (CTO & CPO) and Simon Dawlat (CEO) with founding employees Nicolas Douillet (Head of Engineering), Arnaud Barisain-Monrose (Lead Mobile engineer), Cédric Fontaine (Lead Front-end engineer), Stéphane Alter (Lead Data engineer), Vincent Rischmann (Lead Back-end engineer), Arnaud Bawol (Lead SRE), Thierry Lépée (Sales Mentor), and Baptiste Guerre (Head of Solution Engineering).

Since then, the team has grown up to 70 people and the platform now delivers north of 400bn engagement messages per year.

In 2021, after 6 years of bootstrapping, Batch raised its first-ever 20M€ round of financing with Expedition Capital and Orange Ventures to build the future of CRM.

We’re, truly, at the very beginning of our journey.

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