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How can you Improve your Batch Business Impact using the Feature Adoption Score?

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28 Jul 2023 · Written by Arnaud Ferrer

At Batch, we don’t just develop the best CRM and omni-channel marketing solution. We invest in the success of our customers, regardless of their business areas and goals. Our customers’ success depends on various factors: their industry, their business and marketing objectives, the size and nature of their userbase and much more besides. Despite the differences in their circumstances, there is something all scenarios have in common - the need to identify the keys to success. This is where our engagement lies: developing the tools and processes to support our customers on their paths to success.

What is the Adoption Score?

The Adoption Score is an indicator that helps identify under-used features that could be business drivers for our customers.

How do we generate the Feature Adoption Score?

We have aligned our features with the three questions our customers ask about creating a CRM or marketing campaign:

  • Who? Everything to do with collecting data and targeting.
  • When? Relating to various types of orchestration.
  • How? Everything to do with creating the message, such as our customisation tool.

Most of our features can be associated with one of these categories.

The inbox used to see the notification history or capping to control marketing pressure are, simply put, in a category of their own. The level of Batch usage reflects a level of CRM and Marketing maturity, which we have broken down into four levels:

Onboarding > Adoption > Repeated Success > Advanced

We associate the functional domain and the level of maturity of each feature in a table that illustrates Batch usage like this ⬇️.


This table gives an overview of what a customer uses and what can be improved.

A table provides a good level of detail, but we need an indicator for every individual customer: this is the adoption score.

We give a weighting to each level of maturity. The higher a feature's level of maturity, the more its usage influences the score.

Our Customer Success Managers use the Feature Adoption Score to identify unexpected opportunities for growth and can suggest the use of features not being harnessed well enough. This valuable information aligns us with customers’ growth and goals.

Interview with Claire Maillon: proactive, useful workshops with Le Monde

Claire, a Batch Customer Success Manager, has been supporting Le Monde Group for two years as regards their customer engagement strategy. She shares her feedback on these initial workshops with her customer.

Can you introduce yourself and explain why you set up the workshops with Le Monde?

I am Claire and I am a member of the Customer Success Manager team at Batch. We are the main touchpoint for our customers and we help them get to grips with the platform, create their strategy and set up various scenarios. I’ve been lucky enough to be supporting Le Monde Group for two years now.

We conducted workshops with the CRM teams for the different basic/advanced/tagging plan use cases, with the aim of better understanding how Le Monde uses Batch on a daily basis and to guide the Group on how to use the platform to meet its goals.

In particular, this enabled us to assess the range of possibilities based on the customer’s level of maturity.

How do these workshops take place?

We define the roadmap and objectives for the various platforms/tools they are using. This helps us examine things from all sides and review the SMART objectives as well as defining the indicators to follow. Believe me, it's always handy. Here are some examples of real objectives:

  • Increasing turnover generated via subscription numbers and advertising revenue,
  • Increasing the addressable database,
  • Generating more traffic and the volume of sessions generated,
  • Increasing the conversion rate.

We also cover the following points:

  • The time when the channels appear in the customer journey,
  • Review of the use of features,
  • Whether or not use cases are set up,
  • Comparison with the market.

Quelles sont les prochaines étapes ?

Ce type d’ateliers permet d’identifier rapidement et facilement les points d’amélioration de la stratégie. Suite à un état des lieux, nous pouvons voir en fonction de leur typologie quels cas d’usages sont manquants et lesquels peuvent être mis en place rapidement.

Dans la continuité de ce premier atelier adoption avec les équipes CRM au niveau groupe, nous avons pu organiser une série de 3 ateliers mutualisés avec les équipes opérationnelles entre tous les titres (pour capitaliser sur les synergies).

Contactez-nous !

Curieux de savoir comment le score d'adoption des fonctionnalités peut aider votre entreprise ?

Chez Batch, nous ne nous contentons pas de fournir un service, nous construisons des relations et favorisons le succès, une fonctionnalité à la fois.

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