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24 Oct 2022 • Rédigé par Pierre Tâm-Anh Le Khac

To make the use of Batch even more intuitive and efficient, closer to the current and future operational excellence of our customers, the dashboard now presents a new categorization of the different campaigns listed.

Whether they are already sent or being drafted, these campaigns are no longer listed through the "Push" and "In-App" menus as in the past, but now according to the nature of their orchestration mode:

  • On the one hand, "Campaigns" for the Now and Scheduled campaigns;
  • On the other hand, "Automations" for automated Recurring and Trigger campaigns - and In-App as well.

This evolution of our dashboard allows you to access your different campaigns much more quickly and in particular the automated orchestration - recurring and triggers - which are used more and more by our customers.

In addition to the immediate marketing productivity gain, this new Batch dashboard navigation experience is also an essential step in the evolution of our platform towards the future omnichannel orchestration (push, email, SMS) of your various customer paths.

We explain everything in detail!

Dashboard Batch : find your campaigns according to their orchestration modes

Traditionally, to find the different campaigns that your team had sent or created in draft mode, you accessed them according to their sending channels: either the Push tab or the In-App tab, which were located on the navigation bar of your dashboard.

You will notice that we use the past tense, and more precisely the imperfect tense, because this way of understanding and navigating on our dashboard is now over!

Indeed, in light of the numerous feedbacks from Batch clients, who shared with us the way their teams thought about and filtered their campaigns, the initial navigation of our dashboard is no longer done in light of their channels (In-App or Push), but according to their associated orchestration modes.

As a reminder, there are currently four orchestration modes in Batch:

  • Now. For campaigns that are sent immediately.
  • Scheduled. For a delayed sending (programmed in advance) of your campaign.
  • Recurring. For automated campaigns that repeat at specific intervals based on your users' local time or global time.
  • Trigger. For automated campaigns that can be triggered from one minute to several days after users install the application or trigger a specific action.

Today, campaigns are divided into two types of directories, which appear on your new navigation bar:

  • A “Campaigns” tab for simple orchestration mode campaigns as Now and Scheduled;
  • An “Automations” tab for campaigns with automated orchestration modes for Recurring Push, Triggered Push and In-App.

Clearer holistic view of your campaigns, more easily accessible, for more marketing productivity

What is your interest in this evolution of the dashboard? It's very simple: a gain in productivity in the management of your campaigns.

Indeed, the new distribution of campaigns simplifies your navigation, reduces the time and steps to access your different campaigns, especially for your automated campaigns.

“Now” and “Scheduled” campaigns are accessible 2x faster

More concretely, the access and display of the "Now" and "Scheduled" campaigns has been reduced to a single step compared to two previously.

On the old dashboard, you had to perform two steps:

  • Go to the "Push" menu
  • Apply the filter "Types = "Now" and "Scheduled".

Now you just have to click on the "Campaigns" tab on your navigation bar.

“Recurring” and “Trigger” campaigns are accessible 3x faster

The productivity gain is even more effective in the management of your "Recurring" and "Trigger" campaigns.

These automated orchestration modes, which have very convincing results with our clients - we sometimes talk about +500% compared to "one-shot" campaigns like at Sarenza (EN) - are experiencing a real growth in adoption among our clients.

On the old dashboard, you had to perform three steps:

  • Go to the "Push" menu
  • Apply the filter Types = "Recurring" + "Trigger
  • Then go to the "In-app" menu

Now you just have to click on the "Automations" tab at the top, on your navigation bar.

Let's see the difference between the old view and your new view!



This new view gives you a more centralized view of your automated campaigns, making it faster and easier to fine-tune all your end-to-end CRM automation tactics.

A dashboard designed for the future omnichannel orchestration of your customer paths

The evolution of the Batch platform has always been in line with the needs and uses of its clients, both current and future.

As such, the evolution of our dashboard not only responds to the need to continuously optimize the management of your campaigns, but also to put you in the best conditions to deploy your future end-to-end omnichannel campaigns on the Batch platform as quickly and easily as possible.

All of our product, design and tech teams work tirelessly to help you create personalized experiences for your customers and end-users that maximize their engagement, retention and brand loyalty, as well as your click-through and conversion rates.

If you would like more information about the evolution of our platform, please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are already a client, or contact us at

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