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Categorize Email Senders


10 Jun 2024 · Written by Mickael Bentz

Launching an Email campaign with the wrong Email sender can negatively impact your email reputation.

As part of a broader initiative to help our customers maximize email deliverability, we’re introducing a nifty new feature called Categorize Email Senders.


Email senders are domains or subdomains you set-up when getting started with Email Marketing such as '' - The Batch Onboarding team will set up these domains for you, but you must choose their names.

Categorize Email Senders: two steps / one clear benefit

First, define sender categories

Chose across 3 labels to categorize your Email senders:

  • Marketing → senders used for marketing purposes, such as email blasts and promotional campaigns.
  • Transactional → senders used for transactional purposes, such as account creation or purchase confirmation.
  • All → senders that can be used for both purposes. (Note: this label is mostly used by our customers for pre-production / testing purposes.).

(To access Categorize Email Senders go to Settings > Channels > Omnichannel > Email Settings > Sender information.)

Second, use sender categorization when composing an Email campaign

Once set-up is done, Batch will automatically filter senders based on your preferences when composing an Email using either Campaigns or Automations.


Batch Campaigns are better for single, simple messaging campaigns, while Batch Automations are better for multi-step user journeys.

This feature will work automatically as you define the Targeting conditions of your Email campaigns an toggle between Marketing and Transactional, as exemplified below:



Using Categorize Email Senders properly will simplify workflows and reduce the risk of sending an Email campaign with the wrong sender.

You can also access more email deliverability best practices in our Help Center.

Plan & pricing

Categorize Email Senders must be set-up for you by the Batch Onboarding team and comes with both Omnichannel and One Channel licenses.

Contact us to get started.

Mickael Bentz

Lead Product Manager @ Batch

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