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CRM Experts: boost your career!


5 Oct 2023 · Written by Batch

Dear customers & partners,

Fact: CRM professionals have more wind in their sails than ever.

  • Market in crisis.
  • Inflation.
  • Consumer spending collapses.
  • Rising acquisition costs.

Against this backdrop, after a decade of unbridled media investment, brands' relationship programs have never had such a good return on investment.

But to exploit increasingly sophisticated Data & CRM tools, you need talent.

As a result: all our customers are recruiting!

And not a week goes by without a job advert featuring "Batch" in the skills required.

Recent examples: Adevinta / Leboncoin, Cheerz, Opal Consulting... (Click on each of these companies to see their vacancies 👀)

To meet this demand, to help CRM Experts stand out from the crowd, and to enable CMOs to spot the future talent for their teams, Batch has launched its certification program.

Get started and boost your career!

→ Become a certified expert


The figures speak for themselves:

  • 37% of certification holders have received salary increases,
  • 79% feel more respected by their peers,
  • 74% say they enjoy greater autonomy and independence at work.

According to the Pearson study

What is Batch Certification?

The Batch CRM Expert Certification is an opportunity for CRM professionals to demonstrate their mastery of the Batch platform through a series of 40 carefully designed questions.

Whether you're a Junior, Intermediate, Senior, or Staff profile, this exam puts your Batch expertise to the test through real-life case studies who knows, maybe you'll discover new facets of the platform!

How to prepare?

Worried about the challenge, or simply needing a refresher? We've got you covered!

A comprehensive practical guide will help you review your knowledge and prepare effectively:

  • Introductory videos on our platform
  • Articles and tutorials on best practices
  • All the necessary links to our Help Centre and Documentation

This is just the beginning!

This initial launch is just the beginning of a series of certifications and dedicated resources to distinguish your expertise, gain recognition for your skills, and boost your career.

  • A second level of certification will soon be available, covering the technical aspects of CRM: data pipelines, data mapping, data streaming, APIs, SDKs, and ETL logic.
  • In partnership with CRM experts, an industry-specific certification will also be available by the end of the year.

→ Downdload the Guide

Want to test your knowledge?

Become a certified and recognised CRM expert by passing the Batch Platform Expert certification.


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