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Germany: one month in, here’s what there is to know


14 Jun 2022 · Written by Anne-Marjolaine Colson

Haven’t you heard? Batch is coming to Germany… and we’ve been busy! 🐝 Our exciting journey started a month ago, and we wanted to share some of the highlights.

This month was truly a stepping stone for our market expansion strategy in Germany. Our DACH team worked hard to ensure our arrival in Germany was as smooth (and impactful) as possible. And what better way to do that than to start with a month packed with events and diners, to meet with partners, new and existing clients?

With physical events opening up again, our team seized the day by going to some of the bests: The Online Marketing Rockstars Festival (OMR) in Hamburg, one of the world's largest digital marketing and tech events; the E-commerce Berlin Expo, a pure-play ecommerce event in Germany’s capital city; and App Growth Summit (AGS) in Berlin, undoubtedly the most significant event our team attended last month.

Why is that, you ask? Here is a bit of context:

Our presence at AGS

App Growth Summit is a well-known event for mobile marketers and app growth professionals. From London to Berlin, San-Francisco to Singapore, conferences are organized around the world with the purpose of helping App Marketers, Brands and Gaming companies enhance their 2022 plans for growth.

AGS remains true to its pre-pandemic brand: an intimate reunion of mobile experts who gather to share their knowledge. It keeps its promises by delivering high-quality content and an unmissable opportunity to connect with the ecosystem.

It’s no surprise, then, that one of those expert speakers was our very own Chief Revenue Officer, Clotilde!

She was part of a panel with CRM experts Jon Genovard, Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Share the Meal, Roma Sieradzka, Lovoo’s Head of CRM and Robert Vaternam, CRM & Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Simple Club. The panel was presented by Miro’s Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Anuvind Kanwal.

Key takeaways

The rules of data collection have changed: customer acquisition has given way to customer retention: how do we now guide our user journey? How do we make sure they remain loyal?

This is what the experts told us.

Start with the basics

Obvious, perhaps, but this is the first step of any good customer relationship management. As a good marketer, you need to know who you are addressing, who you want to reach, and what you want from your users. You need to define exactly each scenario every step of the way, or, as Clotilde puts it: “you need to know in real time where each user is along the funnel”. Remaining agile is key: play around with your strategy until it works.

Good communication is everything

Teamwork makes the dream work! We loved Jon’s quote on this one: “Before you engage with your users, engage with your team”. Work hand in hand with every team in your company and you’ll create the finest user journey and avoid siloed communication.

Overly communicating, however, is a common mistake that we all see all too often. Some CRM teams use in-house systems or legacy platforms: user lifecycle data is not always up to date, irrelevant CTAs get sent, and this leads to confusion. Batch has the solution: powerful connectors with your other Marketing tools that synchronize the data in real-time. It’s the way forward.

Omnichannel communication is key to success

This is something that all modern marketers strive for: a way of keeping your users engaged across different channels: omnichannel communication.

In-App messages, for example, are a way to encourage users to re opt-in to push notifications. Some of our case studies speak for themselves: 24s, part of the LVMH group, orchestrated an in-App re opt-in campaign, and achieved almost 90% of opt-in rates on iOS.

Segmentation and personalization in the data privacy age

Collecting data is getting hard. Companies need to capitalize on first-party data, and some of us have already mastered this trick.

Although segmentation and personalization seem difficult to achieve, first-party data makes it very straightforward: all you need to know are the ways in which users are engaging with your product in real-time.

This is the kind of targeting we encourage clients to achieve. Mastering every step of the customer’s journey, so you can send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. And as Jon puts it again so nicely: “As CRM managers, we don’t own the product, but we own the narrative. We are the architects of those stories”.

Collaborating with your team, communicating on every channel, personalizing messages, owning the narrative… this is what the experts recommend to build the best user journeys. Batch is the ideal solution to achieve this: our customer engagement platform helps you increase your revenue, secure customer loyalty and easily create amazing customer journeys, all the while putting privacy first.

🙋‍♀️Want to discover how to engage with your customers in real-time while complying with the strictest European data-privacy regulations? Get in touch with our

Anne-Marjolaine Colson

Head of DACH expansion @ Batch

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