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Orange launches All-in-One super app Max it in Africa & Middle-East

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27 Nov 2023 · Written by Batch

Batch is proud to support Orange in the launch of Max it, its new super app. Already available in five countries (Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Botswana), this All-in-One app aims to expand its presence in the MEA (Middle-East Africa) zone.

Designed for mobile customers in Africa & the Middle-East, Max it integrates telecommunications, financial services, and e-commerce, offering a complete digital experience adapted to new local uses.

This includes managing mobile and fixed phone lines, using payment services via Orange Money, and accessing a wide range of e-commerce content.

The launch of this versatile application demonstrates Orange's commitment to innovation and digital inclusion on the African continent, where the considerable potential of mobile technology is undisputed.

According to the latest The Mobile Economy 2023 report published by GSMA (Global System Operators and Manufacturers Association), smartphone adoption is expected to skyrocket, reaching 87% in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030 (compared to 51% in 2022).

With a goal of 45 million active users of Max It by 2025, Orange's ambitions are high.

Many teams are mobilized for the success of this super app, which will notably involve an ambitious strategy of mobile customer engagement and retention.

In this regard, Batch is proud to be one of Orange's key CRM partners and thanks its teams for their trust in our technology and expertise.


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