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22 Dec 2020 · Written by Lucie Maigret

Following the split between Huawei and Google in May 2019, recent Huawei devices now rely on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) for push notifications, which replaces Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

How does it impacts app publishers?

If your push notifications solution is not compatible with HMS, you will simply no longer be able to send notifications to users of these devices. 😰

And for an app publisher, Huawei, that's no small feat:

  • HUAWEI products and services are used by 1/3 of the world's population.
  • HUAWEI came in 2nd worldwide in terms of cell phone shipments in 2018.

Here are some figures on the App Gallery (which replaces the Play Store for Huawei devices):

  • 210 billion downloads in more than 170 countries in 2019
  • 1.4 million developers worldwide on the HMS ecosystem at the end of March 2020
  • 96,000 applications integrated in October 2020 in HMS Core, the collection of open source tools designed for partners and application developers

In short, not caring about Huawei might be turning your back on a whole community of users.

And, if you've made the effort to distribute your app on the App Gallery, but can't push, you're missing out on the # 1 mobile engagement channel to retain some of your users. The Huawei push already represents nearly 5% of the Android user base of some of our customers! And that number is likely to rise to 20% next year for all publishers since that's the manufacturer's market share. It is therefore high time to get down to it to anticipate this major “shift”.

At Batch, we make your job easier with a very simple and transparent implementation. ⤵️


Batch's HMS plug-in

At the en of October, we put online the latest version of our Android SDK (V1.16), which comes for the first time with a plug-in developed by Batch, designed especially for Huawei Mobile Services.

With this new SDK, it is now possible to send push notification to all Huawei smartphone users, including the latest generation.

Designed in partnership with Huawei teams, Batch provides Huawei with the best push implementation for the HMS environment so far:

  • Easy to set-up. This plug-in is a simple dependency on your project, there is no code to write.
  • No need to create a second app on the Batch dashboard. If you publish the same app on Google Play and AppGallery, the use will be completely transparent!
  • GDPR compliance guaranteed. Batch's SDK stores all of its data in France and strengthens publishers' GDPR compliance by ensuring the integrity of the opt-in user base for push notifications by allowing them to implement any type of GDPR request through dedicated features.
  • Better targeting and better knowledge of users. Batch's dashboard allows publishers and CRM specialists to target devices working with Google Play or HMS, but also to view the installation database of Huawei devices using only HMS.

To get started, it's this way! 👉 Integrate Batch with HMS

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions:

Keep pushing!

Lucie Maigret

Senior Solutions Engineer @ Batch (Project Management Professional Certified)

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