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iOS Web Push notifications confirmed for iOS 16.4


22 Feb 2023 · Written by Batch

Web Push notifications can be sent from a brand to its customers and prospects on their desktop and mobile web browsers.

Engage with your customers super easily using this channel without having to worry about consent: the browser manages this entirely with a channel that is completely free of cookies.
Currently, only 3% of sites use them!

And yet, web push notifications mean:

  • Visit rates 15 times higher than email marketing
  • An average opt-in rate of 9% for our clients in 2022
  • On the web, the most contextual push notifications can achieve open rates of 20%. The more targeted the message, the more relevant it is.

So, why the low uptake?

There is one major obstacle to the large-scale adoption of web push notifications: web push notifications are not handled on Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

To send push notifications to iOS devices, users have to install an app from the Apple App Store and enable mobile push notifications on their devices.

But this obstacle is now no more: Apple has announced that it will enable web push notifications for iOS and iPadOS in its iOS 16.4 beta release.

At last, iOS web push notifications in Safari!📲

The first iOS 16.4 beta has been released, providing a major new feature in the form of push notifications for web apps!

As the beta release was a teaser of things to come, the new version (iOS 16.4) will be released in mid-March 2023!

With this announcement, web push notifications will now be supported on all the main desktop and mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux. All the main browsers now support it, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Brave and Opera.

Apple has explained how users can now receive push notifications for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on iOS.

The first iOS 16.4 beta release enables PWAs* to take advantage of web push notifications to send notifications to an iPhone, meaning a more complete and enhanced experience for users.

PWA ( Progressive Web App) What’s the lowdown on PWAs? A PWA is an ultra-optimised version of a website for a mobile phone, which can use some of the device’s features.

What do these web pushes notifictations look like on iOS?

What conditions do I have to meet to use iOS web push notifications?

Websites must have PWAs, and users must have installed the app on their home page. Batch will provide full documentation to help you in the process as and when. :) We have been waiting for this feature for a (very) long time, and as such We have anticipated its arrival. Our web SDK will soon be ready to implement web push notifications on iOS 16.4!

Let’s just say...

We can’t wait to provide our clients with this new feature and help you reach new users on iOS. We know just how much this will help you improve your user experience and maximise engagement with your users.

Stay tuned for more information about our update!


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