Business Case

How did Sarenza successfully deploy its omnichannel loyalty strategy with Batch?


Sarenza : when personalization means mass engagement

Sarenza puts people at the center of its strategy. To build customer loyalty, e-mail is one of the most important channels, but it is no longer enough to engage customers in the long term...

One of the challenges, beyond campaigns diversification, was to set up a coherent path to enrich the Opt-in base.

How ?

By personalizing messages and optimizing targeting, categorization, content and campaigns timing with effective connectors like Adobe CC and Tinyclues for more segmentation.

"30% of our Push App Opt-Ins that are not Opt-In to our emails. This proves that web push notifications allow us to reach new customers and communicate with them in a simple way." – Marine DAHAN, Head of CRM at Sarenza.

In this case study, discover how Sarenza successfully deployed an effective omnichannel loyalty strategy, from the implementation to campaign management, with autonomous CRM teams.


"What we really liked was that the implementation and use of Batch is simple. It allows us to be agile and independent, not over-soliciting the IT department." – Marine DAHAN, Head of CRM at Sarenza.

Sarenza trusted Batch for three main reasons:

  • Drive growth & predictable revenue across digital channels

  • Create great experiences for online users

  • Work more efficiently, happier & save time

What are the results of Sarenza's personalized loyalty strategy?

  • Web Push is becoming a preferred channel for amplification, and has achieved an opt-in rate more than twice the market average

  • Personalized In-Apps that convert, both for opt-ins and opt-outs

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