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Banks and Insurance: the guide to maximizing your digital adoption


Orchestrate engaging digital journeys the easy way with Batch!

Today, the banking sector is faced with various challenges regarding digital adoption.

From initial contact to product subscription: digital adoption has become essential. You need to identify your customers' main challenges and respond to them effectively!

In this case study, you’ll find out how to:

  • Implement hybrid digitized customer journeys 

  • Digitize your customer experience 

  • Accelerate mobile-first adoption

  • Increase your digital revenue 

  • Meet your RGPD obligations


38% ! 

is the average click-through rate for Batch's banking and insurance customers.

Discover our practical examples, from onboarding to retention, as well as reminders and tracking!

Top companies deploy with Batch a wide range of CRM tactics to activate every step of their Digital Customer Journey.


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