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Connect Batch to AT Internet

Improve your campaign analytics and benefit from Data Query segmentation directly into Batch.

AT Internet intro image

What is AT Internet?

One of the world’s major players in digital intelligence since 1996, AT Internet helps companies measure their audience and optimise their digital performance across all channels. AT Internet’s expertise extends from collecting raw data to treating it in real time and delivering it for analysis and the sharing of insights.

Applications in AT Internet’s Analytics Suite provide reliable, contextualised and actionable information. Scalable and completely modular, AT Internet’s offering adapts to businesses in all industries: e-commerce, media, finance/banking, corporate institutions. Easy-to-use and accessible to all individuals within a company, these solutions help address the challenges facing both novices and experts in digital analytics and data mining.

The power of AT Internet’s Analytics Suite and the quality of its services (consulting, training and support) are recognised worldwide. AT Internet’s digital analytics solution is used on more than 20,000 sites and applications around the world, across all industries. With more than 200 employees, the group is present in 32 countries via its customers, subsidiaries and partners.

Why should you connect AT Internet?

Improve your CRM reporting

With a quick self-service integration, push notification openings can be transferred to AT Internet’s Analytic Suite 2 for analytics and segmentation purposes. Traffic coming from your push campaigns will be clearly traceable within AT Internet Explorer’s funnel analysis. Additionally, push opening data can be found in your Data Query segmentation engine.

Take advantage of your AT Internet segmentation in your Mobile CRM

Audiences built with AT Internet Data Query engine can be automatically sent to Batch in the form of Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences are available as a segmentation criteria in your standard Batch targeting engine.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us to benefit from this integration via our live chat.