Migrate easily from Parse to Batch

Parse shutdown came as a shock, to all of us. But these push notifications still need to be sent to those users, right?

Parse to batch.com

Use our Parse Tokens Importer,
and migrate to Batch.com today.

You’ll need an account later, but for now simply follow those 2 simple steps:

How to export from Parse?

First, go to your Parse.com dashboard and click on « App Settings ». Then select « General », scroll down and click on « Export data » button.

Parse to batch.com

If everything goes well, you will receive an email containing a .zip with all your push tokens in a JSON file.

Need migration support?

We’ll hit you so hard with support you won’t believe it’s real :)

Simply ping us anytime on support@batch.com – 25 mobile experts are ready to jump on a live chat session with you anytime. Batch is the best alternative to Parse for push notifications.