The most complete mobile CRM platform on the market today.

Push notifications are the leading communication protocol for mobile apps: with opt-in rates up to 70%, push notifications are delivered much faster than an e-mail, and are much cheaper to send than an SMS. Global push notifications conversion can account for up to 40% of apps weekly re-visits of an app when well implemented. Batch gives you all the features to leverage push notifications and grow your business.

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Rich push formats

• images ✔︎
• videos ✔︎
• animated GIFs ✔︎
• custom sounds ✔︎
• action buttons ✔︎
• émojis ✔︎

Expiration / TTL

Set a « time-to-live » custom duration after which unreceived messages aren’t delivered anymore.

Previsualisation module

• Reach preview
• Message preview
• Interaction preview
• Send a push to my device

Push priority

Configure screen behavior upon push reception: wake up the screen, or wait for user unlock.

A / B Testing

The classic multivariate A/B testing technology we're all familiar with, applied to push notifications.

Silent push

Refresh the app and update its parameters via push, without any disturbance to the user.


Set any destination link to send your users to the homepage, to a specific inside page of the app, or to an external web page when they swipe open your message.

Data payload

Add custom data to your push payload from the comfort of our dashboard using JSON.

Batch’s push notifications technology works well with:

Expand your engagement capacities with trigger-based in-app messages you can time precisely upon user actions. Our unique responsive technology makes use of native code so you can fully customize our engagement display formats to match your app’s UI & UX all from the comfort of our dashboard theme editor.

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Native technology

• Fully responsive ✔︎
• Fully customizable ✔︎
• High quality rendering ✔︎
• Fast in-app loading ✔︎

In-app campaigns

Launch event-based trigger messages when users make in-app actions. Configure capping, duration and grace period.

Banner format

Upper or lower screen positioning. Up to two CTAs. Swipe to dismiss.

Theme editor

With our drag & drop theme editor, customize everything such as format, color, elements and fonts.

Interstitial format

Full screen positioning. Up to one image. Up to two CTAs. Cross to dismiss.

Previsualisation module

• Reach preview
• Format preview
• Content & CTAs preview
• Send an in-app message to my device

Custom formats

Ask our team about custom formats and formats with interactions/transitions. We have a lot in the making.

Batch’s in-app messaging technology works well with:

Expand your push capacity to browsers using Batch’s Web push technology: our browser-based technology lets you opt-in your customers right from their usual browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, et al.) and afterward send them tailored messages even if your website isn’t currently opened in an active browser tab. Web pushes are delivered on smartphones homescreens (Android) and desktop homescreens (PC / Mac). Monthly opt-in rates are between 10-20% while click-through rates are between 2.5-10%. Installation literally take 5 minutes if you use a tag manager.

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Desktop browsers ✔︎

Batch’s web push technology leverages desktop browser’s service workers to let you re-engage your customers, even when your website isn’t loaded.

Browser compatibility

Batch Web push technology works with all mobile or desktop browsers that are service workers-enabled.
→ See full list.

Mobile browsers ✔︎

Our web push SDK also works on some mobile browsers. The web push will show up like a regular push notification except for the sender’s URL (E.g: « via www.my-site.com »).


Set any destination link. Send your users to any web page, when they swipe open your message.

Custom opt-in prompts

• Banner format
• Modal window
• Button
• Free mode (HTML / CSS).

Expiration / TTL

Set a « time-to-live » custom duration after which unreceived messages aren’t delivered anymore.

Rich web push formats

• Web push with images ✔︎
• Action buttons ✔︎
• Deeplinks ✔︎

Previsualisation module

• Reach preview
• Web push preview
• Text & CTAs preview
• Send a web push to my device

Batch’s web push technology works well with:

Reach precisely the users you want to communicate with. Batch lets you create very granular, consent-based user segments using your 1st-party data to pinpoint your campaigns accurately. Leverage user behavior, in-app actions, user attributes, engagement rate, device-level data, geolocation data or analytics attribution data—and combine them all using our advanced segmentation matrix.


Smart segments

Smart segments use advanced machine learning scripts to programatically analyse the engagement rate of your customers.

Native segments

Native segments look for device-level data and let you target customers based on last visit / first installation date, device type/groups, GeoIP, carrier, OS or app version.

Event-based segments

Event-based segments look for user in-app actions and let you target engagement your campaigns based on past actions (segmentation) or in real-time (trigger).

User-based segments

User-based segments look for user attributes (such as personal data, purchases, interests, etc.) and let you target your engagement campaigns based on a specific set of attributes (segmentation) or in real-time, when a user attributes varies (trigger).

Location-based segments

Location-based segments look for geolocation data your customers may have opted-in to share with you such as always-on or last known location GPS coordinates and ZIP codes.

Campaign retargeting

Campaign retargeting lets you use conversion data, (delivered, undelivered, clicked, whole segment, etc.) in order to target or re-target a new message for customers targeted by a past campaign.

Segmentation matrix

Batch offer’s a powerful and flexible segment builder with real-time reach estimate that lets you combine and configure the user properties & attributes you want to create your segment. Use nested queries, inversion options, counts, labels, AND / OR support, etc. in order to go supremely granular with your audience targeting.

In addition to its very high speed delivery platform Batch lets you orchestrate precisely each and everyone of your push notifications & in-app messaging campaigns with immediate, scheduled, recurring, trigger or transactional modes. Because our platform reaches end-users globally, with customers in dozens of countries, we’ve built a very robust, built-in « international delivery » feature that will let you handle communication with global audiences seamlessly.


Scheduled campaign

Simply schedule your campaign at a later date and let Batch do the work for you.

Recurring campaigns

Recurring campaign will run at regular occurrences (each hour, day, week, etc.) and send a message to a dynamically updated user segment.

Trigger campaign

Event-based trigger campaign will run immediately, at the user-level, each time a user makes a specific in-app action.

Live Push

[Not available in all countries] With Live Push, Batch will look to optimize your push delivery rate by letting you target customers in real-time when they browse mobile website. Contact us to know more.

Monitor your mobile marketing performance thanks to our analytics tool. Batch lets you follow your daily app KPIs such as DAUs, MAUs, session, starts, installs, etc. monitor your app churn, retention rate over time and of course the performance of all your mobile CRM engagement campaigns.


App usage

Lets you keep track of your day-to-day app performance and important KPIs.


Monitor your app churn: see active customers having opt-ed out from push notifications and act upon it ; see customers who have uninstalled your app and know why.


Session-based cohort analytics to monitor your post-intallation customer engagement level over time and throughout the onboarding funnel.


Global and granular view of all your outgoing push notifications, in-app messages and web push engagement campaigns.

Boost your global mobile engagement by leveraging unique features.

Push Inbox

Lets you historicize and access all notifications at the user-level in order to create a push inbox with read/unread/dismiss options for all received messages.

Frequency capping

Batch’s multivariate frequency capping lets apply granular marketing pressure towards your audience.


Easily add user-relevant personalization to your engagement campaigns with our intuitive macro system (e.g: "Hi ", etc.).

Team manager

Add or remove clearance-specific, feature-specific, app-specific and geo-specific rights for your team members. Make sure you always know who can do what. Manage teams up to 100 people, globally.

A/B Testing

Batch brings an advanced A/B testing module to all outgoing engagement formats such as push notifications, in-app messages and web push campaigns.


Batch brings a modern and slick dashboard with real-time data and preview options everywhere.

Meet the Batch customer support team: a bunch of people whose mission is to help you leverage our platform depth of features and grow your business. They can come across as grumpy sometime, but that’s the trait of highly efficient, BS-free people. In all cases, they’re easy to reach thanks to our live chat-based support infrastructure. And while our support folks are here to assist you our tech folks are hard at work to make sure our systems are highly secure and never let you down.


Live chat-based support

Forget email tickets and waiting lines. Our team handles & solves more than 90% of weekly customer queries in real-time, via live chat. Our average first response time is under 3 minutes.

Enterprise-grade support

We assist teams of 50+ peoples in more than 15 countries over all timezones in 3 languages (english, spanish, french).


Your team needs extended help to get better at mobile marketing? Our team is here to help with how-to guides, best-practices, whitepapers and small groups mobile CRM training tailored to your business. Ask us.


Our easily-searchable technical documentation is updated on a daily basis. When in doubt, go to → doc.batch.com

Security audits

With some of EMEA’s largest banking institutions using Batch, we’ve taken significant steps to make our infrastructure highly secure, including regular 3rd-party auditing of our systems.

Uptime monitoring

Go to status.batch.com to get a real-time update on uptime - and possible downtime, argh - of all components of our infrastructure.


Fully compliant to the european GDPR regulation along with all of our end user data stored on EU-based, bare-metal servers.

Behind its very powerful marketing tools, Batch is first and foremost a state of the art tech platform making use of a extremely advanced and robust stack (notably Apache Cassandra & Kafka). That’s why we’re able to offer so many different APIs alongside what’s probably the most stable, cross platform push SDK on the market today.

Transactional API

A very powerful well-documented API to deal with automated 1:1 interactions with your customers.

Campaign API

A very fast, well-documented API to deal with high-throughput 1-to-many push delivery. This API can be used immediately after performing the Batch SDK integration.

User data API

A customer data API dedicated to syncing Batch with all your other data sources and make sure your targeting data is always up to date.

A very stable SDK

Our lightweight SDK has already been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on CocoaPods (cocoapods.org/pods/Batch). It’s so stable thanks to our community of hundreds of beta-testers.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Unity
  • Web
  • Adobe Air
  • Cordova


  • CocoaPods
  • Maven