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    Creating an app

    Let's get going!

    The very first step is to go to Batch's dashboard and create a new iOS app.

    Registering a new app

    Configuring notifications

    Once your app is created, you will need to download a .p8 file and upload it to Batch's Dashboard.

    As a reminder, Batch servers need to have a valid certificate in order to communicate with Apple Push Notification Services (APNS). There are two types of files you can use:

    • .p8 files (recommended) : Valid for all the apps added to your Apple developer account. You will need to specify the Application Identifier (App ID) or the Bundle ID of your app on Batch's dashboard.
    • .p12 certificates: Generated for a unique App ID and are only valid for one year. If you need a .p12 certificate, please follow these instructions: Generating a .p12 certificate.

    Step 1. Downloading the .p8 file

    Head to the Apple Developer Member center, then go to the "Keys" menu and add a new key.

    Adding a key

    Give a name to your key, tick the "Apple Push Notifications Service" box and download the .p8 file.

    Setting up the key

    Step 2. Uploading the .p8 file

    Now go to Batch's dashboard → ⚙ Settings → Push settings, and upload your .p8 file.

    Uploading your certificate

    There are two IDs you need to find to save your certificate and send notifications to your app:

    • App ID / Bundle ID: We recommend you use the bundle ID you will find in Xcode. You can also use the app ID available from the Developer Console here.
    • Team ID: The team ID is also available from the Developer Console here.