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    If you have a question we didn’t answer below, take a look at the documentation or feel free to send us an email at support@batch.com.

    Does Batch work on alternative app stores?

    Batch works on any devices that have recent Google Play Services installed, no matter where the app was installed from.

    What are the options I have to target my users?

    Batch allows to target users based on their location, language, engagement level using Smart Segments and custom data.

    Is there a way to send notifications to a single user?

    You can send notifications to a single user using Batch transactional Push. For more information and examples, see our documentation.

    How can I send a test push notification?

    You will find instructions on how to test push notifications in our documentation.

    How can I find out if a user has opened my app from a push notification?

    If you want to know if a user has opened your app from a push notification, you can track the message Batch posts in your logs:

    “App was opened from a Batch push”

    How can I import my push tokens?

    To make sure your migration is quick and easy, we've developed a system that allows us to manually import your devices' tokens.

    Can I export my push tokens

    Yes, we do have a procedure for exporting push tokens. Exporting your push tokens requires a manual intervention from our technical team. All you need to do is to contact us

    Do you clean the invalidated push tokens?

    Batch automatically takes care of updating/cleaning your users’ tokens so you can just focus on the wording of your next push campaign.

    How are push tokens collected if the user is offline/out-of-network?

    Batch will collect your user’s push token the next time they open your app and have a working internet connection.

    How are push notifications delivered if the user is offline/out-of-network?

    Your users will receive the notifications the next time they’re connected to internet.

    Does Batch show a notification when the app is already open on Android and iOS?

    Android and iOS handle push notifications differently when the app is already open. Unlike Android, iOS doesn’t show the notification to your users by default.
    That said, since iOS 10, you can configure your application to show foreground notifications.

    If you've done that, make sure that you implemented Batch's calls correctly, so that you don't get any bad surprise on release day.

    How can I add a badge to my iOS notifications?

    You'll find a list of all the push customisations available for iOS here.

    How do I send Emoji emoticons in my push notifications?

    Batch allows you to add Emoji emoticons in the title or the body of your iOS/Android push notifications. You will find more information here.

    If you’re using the REST API, you will need to add the unicode value of the emoticon to the ‘title’ or ‘body’ of your message. A full list of unicode values for Emoji Emoticons is available here.

    Here is an example using the “sun” emoji:

    "body":"How's it going? u2600"

    Please run some tests on your device before sending the notification to your users.
    On Android versions before 4.4, Emoji Emoticons might not be displayed correctly.

    How do I include a picture in my push notifications?

    Batch lets you send large-format notifications with a large image attachment. You'll find more information on custom images here.

    My device runs on Android 8.0, but no notifications are displayed

    Starting with Android 8.0, all apps targeting API 26 or higher must use notification channels. Your Batch SDK version or custom receiver might not support. See here to know more on the Notification Channels.

    Can I use Batch and send push notifications with JavaScript or Node.js?

    We do not provide a library for Node.js at this point but If you want to send push notifications through Batch’s API, you can use the following projects for Node.JS:

    You can also try this very basic code to send push through the Transactional API.

    Can I use Batch and send push notifications with PHP?

    We do not provide a library for PHP at this point but Batch provides REST APIs you can use to send push notifications to your userbase or specific user IDs. See here to know more.