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    Campaign analytics

    Basic analytics


    The campaigns list gives you some basic information on the performance of your In-App campaign:

    • Trigger: The event that triggers your In-App message.
    • Displayed: Total number of unique devices that have already displayed the message.

    Advanced analytics

    Similarly to push campaigns, the Stats button will let you see more detailed statistics about your campaign.


    Let's dive into the details of the available statistics here:

    Global statistics

    • Synced: number of unique devices that were targeted by the campaign and have downloaded, or synced the campaign locally (see the In-App campaign workflow for more information).
    • Displayed: number of unique devices that have displayed the campaign.
    • Display rate: the ratio between the "Displayed" and "Synced" numbers.
    • Clicks: number of users that have seen the campaign and clicked at least once one of the CTAs. The top-right 'X' close button is not included in this total.
    • Click rate: the ratio between the "Clicks" and the "Displayed" numbers. Try hovering on this number to get the numbers of clicks per button.

    Daily statistics

    You can also keep track of the evolution of your In-App campaign's performance on a daily basis:

    • Synced: total number of times devices synchronized the campaign.
    • Displayed: total number of displays.
    • Clicks: total number of clicks on one of the CTAs, the 'X' close button being excluded.

    The difference between the sum of all days numbers and global ones lies in the concept of 'unique' devices that have accomplished an action, as an action can be accomplished multiple times per device.

    Always keep an eye on these statistics, such as the "Clicks". They show how many users have seen the campaign and interacted with it instead of dismissing it.