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SDK changelog

Change log and release notes for the Batch SDK.

v1.7.4 - 09/05/2017

Download: Cordova

Hotfix: Added a package.json plugin descriptor

Note: Cordova 7 is not supported yet. This fix simply allows for the plugin to be installable with Cordova 7

v1.7.4 - 28/02/2017

Update native SDKs to the latest version
The plugin now depends on the appcompat-v7 library on Android
Added support for Mobile Landings
Added a "hasMobileLanding" property in the push event, so you can avoid doing some actions on a push that already displayed a mobile landing

v1.7.2 - 01/12/2016

Update native SDKs to 1.7
Added the ability to turn on foreground push delivery on Android (rather than delivering them in the notification center) to match iOS' behaviour.
The plugin now depends on the support-v4 library

v1.5.3 - 21/04/2016


  • Update native SDKs to 1.5.3

v1.5 - 03/02/2016


  • Update native SDKs to 1.5
  • Custom user data (attributes, tags and events)
  • Added an API to retrieve Batch's unique installation identifier
  • Deprecated BatchUserProfile
  • Added ability to start Batch in a service

v1.4 - 10/09/2015

Initial stable plugin release.