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Our mission

It’s 2017 and mobile affects everyone

Interestingly enough, many marketers still believe that sending ‘too many’ notifications will make their clients run for the hills. This is a false assumption. The right message – with the right information or promotion – sent at the proverbial ‘right time’ to the right person, inherently contributes to the service dimension of mobile apps – something all mobile customers actively expect.

And don’t just take it from us: these are the conversion rates tracked on more than 3000 apps using Batch, analysed across a representative sample of 15 billion notifications delivered every year to more than 50 million unique mobile consumers across Europe.

Push more with less

So marketers need to push more, but less often and with more precision. This is exactly the mission that Batch sets out to help marketers achieve: giving them the tools to bring their best web & email practices into native mobile environments, and to use the power of segmentation to master mobile’s fundamental communication channels: push notifications and in-app messages.

All that, along with operational features that allow you to measure conversions, engagement, opt-out and uninstall rates, to track the pushes that your competitors are sending, to A/B test messages or to fully automate campaigns based on custom scenarios.

That’s what a mobile engagement suite should offer: mastery of native tools in a multichannel environment that allow you to punctuate the consumer journeys of your clients.

To better understand the full potential of the channel of tomorrow, to immerse yourself in the best practices deployed by market leaders, and to join countless businesses that deploy an effective mobile engagement strategy, try Batch.

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